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майдан триває

майдан в прогресі

квітень '15

[лише німецький переклад]

травень '17


[лише англійський переклад]

tamara bernadska is a TV producer who stoped her job during the period of Revolution of Dignity and focused on her hobby - doing toys. She was our first contact to many other activists in Kyiv

tamara bernadska two years later, in ´17. we met her when she restarted working on a smaller and new TV channel

борис єгіазарян

борис єгіазаріян

boris yeghiazaryan is an Armenian painter who once studied arts on the Academy of Kyiv and who now lives in Kyiv since many years. He participated activelly through presence on the Maidan and through artistic works.

boris yeghiazaryan two years later. After post-revolutional artistic gap due to post-revolutional heaviness he started painting again. Again, we met him in his atelier in Kyiv.

during a short warm-up coffee in Café Francois we met this young man who was dressed up in a bear costume. it is his job to persuade tourists to make a photo with him for money. so, it is his job.

nataliya nahorna is a journalist and war reporter whom we interviewed in april ´15 at the TV studio 1+1, in the Museum of Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv.

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натисніть на ім'я, щоб дізнатися більше про людину

і прочитати повне інтерв’ю, перекладене німецькою або англійською

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