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Single 'Unluggy' coming out on 08.10.2020


If the single "Unluggy" (in Ukrainian: Ой я нещасний“) should have a motto, it would sound like following: "I am sad to have allured a lot of bad luck, but I am the luckiest one to have experienced all that sadness." It is a close-to-heart approach to life and its constant carousel of emotions and feelings which just exist - no way to deny them. Thus, listen to the first sonic catalysis of the upcoming album "5th Sunday".

     Art work: Carsten Poelking aka cars10

      #ukrainianfolkbeat, #singlerelease, #postsoviet, #nostalgic, #sopranosax


Single + Video 'Cherry Garden'

coming out on 20.11.2020


In the cherry garden, a nightingale twittered songs. From generation to generation a lot of things have changed – family members migrated, with a small package of family history and memories of the cherry garden. An obvious clash of culture or rather a continuation of traditions? This well known Ukrainian folk song is accompanied by a video produced by two video artists from Indonesia – KLDR (Kilau Luminasi Derau Rerinai aka Shine of Lumination & a Noise of Raindrops). Happy to announce that the full album "5th Sunday" will be released on the 5th Sunday of this month on my bandcamp before it comes out on Spotify.

     Art work: Carsten Poelking aka cars10

      #ukrainianfolkbeat, #singlerelease, #postsoviet, #nostalgic, #sopranosax

Cherry Garden_Masha Kashyna_artwork by c

Це тільки про музику: balcony stream from the dram-theatre of Ivano-Frankivsk on 18.09.2020

It was a big pleasure to be invited by Insha Osvita and Inshi to a balcony concert in Ivano-Frankivsk. In fact, it was my first concert in Ukraine after I migrated to Germany. It ment a lot to me and I was pretty excited to perform with three other artists on that night, namely Ihor Tsymbrovsky, an avant-gardist from the 90ies from Lviv, Maryana Klochko - a great vocalist with her unique style and beats, and Olesia Oniienko from Kyiv, who impressed with her digital sound synthesis performance. I suggest to listen to these artists who belong to the current experimental music scene of Ukraine. Thanx to all for this great night and for the video.

The event "It is only about music" is one of many streamed concerts from great locations of Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv etc. Since the whole cultural sphere and all people working in here are giving their best to keep on going and doing art and culture, all of us need your support. So, also from my side an invitation to donate for the performance and organisation of it to this link:

It does not matter, how much. It is a gesture that you appreciate what we do and that it does matter to you, that we keep on playing concerts and organizing events in times of corona. Thanx and luv, masha

EP 'МУЗИ' coming out on 22.01.2020!

United by nostalgia, five obviously sentimental composers of the last century come together in Masha's present. They remain her dreamy inspirations and distant muses. Therefore it does not matter, if they understand the contemporary arrangement and choice of instruments, especially drum sounds. They got translated into today and translocated with overlayed soloing by Youssef Nassif (Syria) and Makhangakhunga (Malawi) to places where they might have not been yet.


These five works by Moondog, Astor Piazzola, Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Emmanuel Sejourné were composed between 1969 and 1999, each of them is similar through the minimalistic approach and unpredictable melodic flow.


Thanks to all who contributed their energy and skills to make this album how it is – Youssef Nassif, Makhangakhunga, Stefan Littmann, Camilla Löffler-Berg, young.vishnu and cars10 for graphic design.


#minimal, #jazz, #tango, #classical, #trap, #instrumental,

#20thcentury, #triphop, #beats, #vibraphone, #saxes,

#qanun, #nostalgic, #melodic, #spheric

Ode to surrealism!

It was a big honour to me to be asked by the photographer Eduardo Navarro to be part of his surrealistic musicians photo serie. It was a pleasure to work with him and to think of a nostalgic black and white setting with the vibes. Here it is!

Just visit his site to see more:

#surrealism, #experimentalphotography, #eduardonavarro, #blackandwhite, #runningaway

Masha Kashyna © Eduardo Navarro


Raga Bilashkani Todi is represented by a picture: There is a woman who tries to attract a deer with the playing of a flute. This is a morning raga, SO YOU SHOULD LISTEN IT IN THE MORNING BETWEEN 6 - 9 O´CLOCK. This song is just one of many tributes to Indian music. In fact, all started with this vibraphone ping pong and I was not even thinking of playing a raga. But then a tabla sample came in. And then the funky guitar, saxes, vocals and beats which all together became FUSION of Raga Style + Masha Style = Raga Masha Style. N-JOY. with love, m. I could not find the origin of this one loop. It is though one of the key links of raga bilashkani. Big big thanx to Desislava Markova for building a choir with me and to Hanna Theresa for cello drones and patterns! Another big hug I send to my teacher and friend Kaveh Madadi who suggested this raga and hit the target of my taste.

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