It was Christmas 2017. Dean Glossop and Masha came to Nkhata Bay without knowing anything about each other. The bunch of magnific spots around the Lake Malawi attrakted many people, mostly travellers from „far away from home“ to relax next to water. This is the place where the basic guitar loop was recored during a jam session. After a rough arrangement of vocals, base lines and drums, Masha made acquaintance with Brian Makhangakhunga, in Blantyre famous under the synonyme Fat B. He was presenting his new poetry during an open stage night @Kwa Haraba. She invited him to a home session in her spartan home studio. Unfortunately, highly recurrent electricity black outs played a prank again, so that all recordings needed to be done in two hours of lap top battery endurance. No problem for Fat B. The second take of his rap was IT. A long-desired video could never get produced since two weeks later Masha finished her internship in Blantyre and returned back to Hanover and Brian started a job in an insurance company.

released August 8, 2019, NIMA

Rap: Makhangakhunga aka Fat B (Blantyre, Malawi)
Guitar: Dean Glossop (Jo-Burg, South Africa)
Mix & Mastering: Axel Donath (Heidelberg, Germany)
Graphic Design: Cars10 (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Nkhata Bay (Keep Me Alive) ft. Makhangakhunga

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