'The New System' is our wish, our vision of the future, the necessity for all upcoming generations. You define and simultaneously represent The New System. Now, drivin' in the new system - the interhuman mzanga bond of Muhanya and Masha is up to a transcendent creation of sounds and pictures which flow into the direction of mind shifts and utopian phantasies.

'In The New System' is a story told by the talented musician Muhanya Pachanya from Blantyre (MW). In collaboration and support of Pachanya's Studio, the track was recorded at the end of 2017 and together with the video, its production was finalized just now.



released February 20, 2020
composition/vocals/guitar/bass: Muhanya Pachanya
arrangement/saxes/drums/production: Masha Kashyna

In The New System ft. Muhanya Pachanya

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