United by nostalgia, five obviously sentimental composers of the last century come together in Masha's present. They remain her dreamy inspirations and distant muses. Therefore it does not matter, if they understand the contemporary arrangement and choice of instruments, especially drum sounds. They got translated into today and translocated with overlayed soloing by Youssef Nassif (Syria) and Makhangakhunga (Malawi) to places where they might have not been yet.

These five works by Moondog, Astor Piazzola, Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Emmanuel Sejourné were composed between 1969 and 1999, each of them similar through the minimalistic approach and unpredictable melodic flow.

Thanx to all who contributed their energy and skills to make this album how it is – Youssef Nassif, Makhangakhunga, Stefan Littmann, Camilla Löffler-Berg, young.vishnu and cars10 for graphic design.


released January 22, 2020

Electric Counterpoint III ft. Makhangakhunga

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