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A pledoyer of an artist can not be one-dimensional,  superficional "hey, I am an artist! what´s up?" It always shall be coloured by your biographic experiences that you make within yourself, within your family, city, subculture...briefly speaking: within any environment(s). Those include certain artistic epoques and socio-political climates which an artist will never oversee while creating. Since everything is in constant, unstopable progress, the art(ist´s art) should try to "speak" at least a bit of wisdom. An artist, if in doubt, will work towards freedom of decision, expression and provocation and avoid bossy voices trying to tell you what to do. You become an artist, usually because you are a non-conformist, someone who is daring to speak out what other people try to ignore or hide. For that, an artist´s duty* is to play "investigator" of ultimative truth which will never be the same for different artists, although their realities may overlap or at least lie close to each other. In most cases, a "BUT" will appear. A "BUT" is, at the end, a try to see something from a different perspective.


Not changing your perspective consequently means being ignorant.


Being ignorant consequently means limiting yourself.

Nor the artist`s channels of perception are one-dimensional. Besides the channels which are unique for every person (e.g. sonic through ears, visual through eyes, haptic through skin, odor through nose, taste through mouth and probably more), an artist will be able to grasp a "VIBE". And in best case an artist will be able to translate this "VIBE"  through art works. For this reason, an artist  will in most cases appreciate any curious minds who try to understand him*her as a whole person and share wor(l)ds. Final cut: For any soul - art is the medicine.

*Nina Simone: "An Artist´s Duty

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