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...working in the basement...

with J. Sophia Sanner
, Hanover, (GER), may '20

Recently, due to Corona, I found myself in a quite unique modus having a lot of free time! It was a pure joy to spend time with Sophia, while she started working on a new painting. As mainly sonic person I notice different working processes compared to painters. It takes a different preparation of materials. Also I remember Sophia saying that she is not at all familiar with being observed through the lens of a camera. Finally it took us three sessions, so three days, until the layers of her klexography work were complete. In this sense, there is a parallel to how I work though, because for producers working with sounds and sound textures it is the same question of "when is the composition in its final shape?!" Of course it is an illusion to think that NOW it is ready. But in any case you feel when it is done and you can let it go. Enjoy the black and white analogue photos of Sophia working in the Keller Drei gallery. And check her website as well here. Luv. masha

Будапешт, Венгрія, Жовтень '19

Budapest, Hungury, October '19

Львів/Одеса, Україна, Жовтень '19

Lviv/Odessa, Ukraine, October '19

Гамселить, Тернопіль, квітень '19/

Hamselyt, Ternopil (UA), april '19

Нарешті просвітила фоткі з Гамселить 2019, який був моїм першим фестивальом експериментальної музики в Україні. Дякую організаторам і митцям за чудову програму, і за чудові знайомства з активними людьми міста Т. під час фестивалю.

Всім рекомендую їхати на Гамселить на слідуючий рік! м.

Finally I developed the photographs from Hamselyt Festival 2019. It was my first festival of experimental music in Ukraine. Thanx to all organizers and artists for beautiful programm and for nice gatherings with active people of the city Ternopil during the festival.

I recoment to check out the festival for the next year. m.

"Сім´я" - Корець/Рівне/Нов.-Волинський, Лютий '18/

"Family" - Korets/Rivne/Nov.-Volynski (UA), february '18

Комусь дарується синок Богданчик, а комусь дістається можливість фотографувати церемонію Хрестин. І за племінника свого молоденького рада, і за те, що фотосесія нікому не помішала. До кожного моменту маю багато спогадів, яких не можу так просто розказати без їхнього контексту. Але думаю, що без того передасться атмосфера, яка владіла під час Хрестин Богдана. м.

Someone will get a son Bogdan as a presend, and someone will get the opportunity to make photos of the christening ceremony . About my young nephew I am happy . Also I am glad, that the photo session didn´t disturb anyone. For every moment there are plenty of memories which I can´t just tell here without their context. But I think that you´ll grasp the ruling atmosphere  of Bogdan´s christening feast without further context. m.


December ´17/

Blantyre, Lake, Nkhata Bay

During the period of three and half months, between October ´17 and January ´18, I had the opportunity to reside in Blantyre in Malawi. Since 50 years it is the twin city of Hannover, the second biggest city of the country, hosting a lot of creative spirit. My stay started with two performances at the Blantyre Arts Festival with my friend Arne Dreske. From the middle of October I started an internship at Angaliba TV & Radio which is a new channel for promotion of Malawian culture. There, I was sound engineering and giving classes to young people who wanted to get into the art of sound for moving image and radio.

While the everyday routine was moving forward, I got to know many artists with whom I recorded songs or worked on films. So, whenever free, I was grabbing any opportunity to hang out at the Jacaranda Cultural Centre or at Kwa Haraba. Continuous and strong electricity shortages often interrupted the TV business, so that I finally had time to practice sax and beat making. Also a bunch of photo films were used to document what I saw around me.

In colour or in black and white - I found a lot of nice motives to photograph. You will see places like the Lake Malawi which is as big as the whole Lower Saxony. Also some of them were made around the house where I was allowed to live at the area of the Jacaranda School - a place full of action, learning and gaming activities with sound of kids during the day and silence during the evenings. I am very thankfull to Luc and Marie who established the school for orphans which is supporting kids on the highest level, bringing them to competitions and trips around Malawi. I enjoyed living there so much!


"Сім´я II" -  Ганновер, літо ´18 /

"Family II" - Hannover, summer ´18

family = mother

family = aunt

family = sister

family = friend

family = flat mate

family = musician

family = grandpa

family = cat

family = father

family = stepfather

family = lover

family = soul mate

family = unknown person with whom you feel comfortable like within your family

family = blood connection as well as soul connection

family = comfy vs. stressy

family = fight vs. love

family = being separated vs. being together

family = surrogate family

family = is from the beginning, without choice

family = is becoming with the time