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Performances, artistic collaborations, cultural events:

@polychrom Festival, Osnabrück (GER)

4.6.2022, 22:30, concert with Nustoriya

@Kurhaus, St. Andreasberg, Harz (GER)

6.6.2022, 16:36, "Ja sind wir denn noch zu retten? - A shadow theatre piece about deforestation

@Universität Hildesheim, Hildesheim (GER)

8.6.2022, 18:00, key notes on the topic of the evacuation of cultural heritage in Ukraine

@Cumberlandsche Galerie, Hanover (GER)

9.6.2022, 19:30, "The Show of Hope" by Pia Kröll

@Keller Drei, Hanover (GER)

11.6.2022, 19:00-01:00, "Art´n´Beats" performances and exhibitions with Ganna Gryniva, horiat, Pit Noack, Anna Abramovich, Yuliia Riepina etc.

@Kosmos Festival ft. Boiler Room TV, Chemnitz (GER)

17.6.2022, 15:00, Opening solo performance


@Weltecho, Chemnitz (GER)

19.6.2022, 17:00, "maidan in progress" screening and discussion

@hausofudo Festival, Osnabrück (GER)

26.6.2022, 14:00, concert with Nustoriya

@Stadthalle, Osterode (GER)

3.7.2022, 16:00, performance ft. Yuliia Riepina, Marina Baranova, Ganna Gryniva

@Matters platform, Kaunas (LTU)

19.8.2022, tba, solo performance

@Cosmic Sounds, Waldberg Empelde, Hanover (GER)

27.8.2022, 18:30, solo performance

@Zinnober, Hanover (GER)

3.9.2022, 20:00-21:30, Performance ft. Yuliia Riepina and Anna Eisermann


 (since ´16):

@Superbooth, Berlin (GER)

11.5.2022, 20:30, solo performance

@Cumberlandsche Galerie, Hanover (GER)

5.5.2022, 19:30, "The Concert of Hope" with Pia Kröll and Hanna Heitmann

@wasmitherz, Hanover (GER)

24.4.2022, 12:00-14:00, network meeting and welcoming event for refugeed families

@MusikZentrum, Hanover (GER)

31.3.2022, 19:00, ft. Yuliia Riepina at the Solidarity with Ukraine event

@wasmitherz, Hanover (GER)

20.3.2022, 11:30-14:00, 'maidan in progress' discussion and network meeting for helping initiatives around the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

@Konspirative Suppengespräche, Hanover (GER)

14.3.2022, Online-stream talk and performance

@Aegidienkirche, Hanover (GER)

13.3.2022, 18:30, devotional concert for Peace in Ukraine and in the world

@Communitism, Athens (GR)

4.12.2021, tba, solo performance

@Kulturfabrik Krawatte, Barsinghausen (GER)

16.10.2021, Openening of the mir//ror installation by Franz Betz

@Folk´n´Fusion, Trillke Gut, Hildesheim (GER)

24.10.2021, 18:00, solo performance

@Keller III, zwei Klangperformances, Hanover (GER)

9.10.2021, 19:30, 2G-Regeln, ft. Pit Noack, im Rahmen der 89. Herbstausstellung mit Arbeiten von Clara Bahlsen, Lukas Harris & Torben Laib und Unit 404

@JAWO residency, Ceppaloni / Benevento (IT)

20.-28.9.2021, group performance

@Viadrinicum Summer School, Frankfurt (Oder) (GER)

29.8.2021, group exhibition at the Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst

@Ecologies of Encounters I-III: Ukraine Calling, online

5.-18.8.2021, 19:30 (Berlin time) moderation

@Ecologies of Encounters IV: Ukraine Calling, online

25.8.2021, 19:30 (Berlin time) moderation of the group discussion

@rosarotes rauschen, Stadtpark Bebelhof, Brunswick (GER)

3.8.2021, 18:00 - 19:00 solo performance

@Klangrausch Festival, Weimar (GER)

17.7.2021, solo live performance

@Civil Match 2.0 for changemakers - Meet. Connect. Act, online

3.7.2021, 19:00 - 20:00 (Berlin time) live performance with Yami Maho

@Eisfabrik, "fern von nah"-exhibition, Hanover (GER)

11.10.-8.11.2020, sound collage within Franz Betz´ light art

@Це тільки про музику: dram-theatre, Ivano-Frankivsk (UA)

18.9.2020, solo balcony stream performance


@secret place, Detaliзація 2020 Festival (UA)

13.6.2020, stream performance ft. Desislava Markova, J. Sophia Sanner, ZVGVLVKSY

@Keller III, Art´n Beats, Hanover (GER)

1.2.2020, Die lange Nacht der Impro-Kompositionen & Live-Malerei

@Kunstraum 53, Hildesheim (GER)

19.12.2019, "maidan in progress" - installation, screening and discussion

@Ukraine Calling, Berlin (GER)

21.11.2019, Re/Generation. Generational change in Ukrainian politics - project presentation & discussion

@Pop Up Kirche, Hildesheim (GER)

15.11.2019, solo concert

@MitOst Festival, Budapest (HU)

2.-6.10.2019, "maidan in progress" - screening and discussion

@Cumberlandsche Galerie/Staatstheater Hanover (GER)

14.9.2019, Universen - solo concert

@Keller III ft. Nima Compositions Archive, Art´n Beats, Hanover (GER)

7.9.2019, Die lange Nacht der Beats & Paintings

@Keller III, Zinnober Art Festival, Hanover (GER)

30.8.-1.9.2019, Concert ft. Live Painting by J. Sophia Sanner & Zagalaksy

@only personal request, NIMA Compositions Archive Label Foundation Party, Asa´ pili beat makers´ underground party, Hildesheim (GER)

10.8.2019, Concerts, exhibitions, jams

@ИМИ (Institute of Musical Innitiatives), Tchechow/Moscow (RU)

19.7. - 5.8.2019, musical residency 

4.8.2019 AFISHA Picknick Moscow

@Wallungen Festival, Hildesheim (GER)

5-7.7.2019, FLYM music quartet

@Mittsommernacht, Hildesheim (GER)

22.6.2019, "musik.welt" feature show

@Premier Hotel Rus, Kyiv (UA)

13.06.2019, "maidan in progress" - screening and discussion

@Keller III, Hanover (GER)

18.5.2019, Uncovered chords - Die lange Nacht der Impro-Kompositionen

@Kunstfestspiele, Hanover (GER)

12.5.2019, electronic performance with Tarek Atoui

@Roemer- and Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim (GER)

27.4.2019, Documentary sound production workshop

@D.A.I. Heidelberg (GER)

1.3.2019, "maidan in progress" - screening and discussion

@Pavillon, Hanover (GER)

25.11.2018, Sofabühne #bestof

@Klangstärke-Festival, Hildesheim (GER)

23.11.2018, Solo Concert

@International Picture Book Festival, Müncheberg (GER)

15.11.2018, Masha ft. Lena Witkowska

@Medienhaus, Hanover (GER)

7.11.2018, "Hedgehogs of Maidan" - screening and discussion

@Roemer- and Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim (GER)

2.11.2018, "Musik.Museum" - Die Lange Nacht

@Commmunitism, 16th International MitOst Festival, Athens (GR)

5.10.2018, Audible Creations,

group work with Igor Zaidel and Dimitra Kousteridou

@Muse Inspiration Week, Hanover (GER)

22.9.2018, Solo Concert

@Keller III, Zinnober Art Festival, Hanover (GER)

2.9.2018, Solo Concert & Live Painting with J. Sophia Sanner & Zagalaksy

@Соль Bar, Kazan (RU)

25.8.2018, Solo Concert

@Дни Германии/Deutsche Tage, Ulyanovsk (RU)

23.8.2018, Solo Concert

@PlatzProjekt, Hanover (GER)

19.8.2018, Muhanya ft. Masha Concert

@Domhof, Hildesheim (GER)

17.8.2018, Muhanya ft. Masha Concert

@Bleistift, Hildesheim (GER)

22.7.2018, "Hedgehogs of Maidan" -

roof top screening

@Medienhaus, Hanover (GER)

13.7.2018 Solo Concert

@Center for World Music, Hildesheim (GER)

22.6.2018, Solo Concert

@Pavillon, Hanover (GER)

17.6.2018, Sofabühne #2

@Pavillon, Hanover (GER)

8.4.2018, Sofabühne #1

@Blantyre Arts Festival, Blantyre (MW)

7./8.10.2017, concerts ft. Arne Dreske, Silla Nyansadabuza Bakali & Eliah Nice

@Lister Turm, Hanover (GER)

17.9.2017, Sonawolf Release Concert

@Sommerhopp - Festival, Kulturherberge Wernershöhe (GER)

29.7.2017, Solo Concert

@snntg-Festival, Sehnde (GER)

8.7.2017, Soularkestra Band

@Pavillon, Hanover (GER)

25.6.2017 Sofabühne

@Theaterformen Festival, Hanover (GER)

9-11.6.2017, "Oratorium" - a performance piece with She She Pop

@undbüro, Hildesheim (GER)
6.4.2017, Hedgehogs of Maidan - screening and discussion

@Pavillon, Hanover (GER)

26.2.2017, Sofabühne

@Kulturfabrik Löseke, Hildesheim (GER),
28.1.2017, Hi-Town Soul meets Soularkestra Band

@Kulturfabrik, Hildesheim (GER),

11.10.2016, "Sst - a dance piece" by and with Pia Kröll & Aaron Pohl

@lichtART, Bad Salzdetfurth (GER)

24.9.2016, "Sst - a dance piece" by and with Pia Kröll

@E.S.T.A.R. Street Art Festival, Algarve (PT)

19./25.8.2016, "Sst - a dance piece" by and with Pia Kröll

@Dunia Café, Kadıköy, Istanbul (TR),

7.6.2016, Creative Improvisation Evening