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Solidarity Concert 



Many FLINTA* musicians of Hanover get united again for a solidarity concert at the MusikZentrum Hanover. It was a gorgeous event where I performed together with Yuliia Repina from Kharkiv who 3 weeks ago arrived in Hannover. We know each other since summer. I like Yuliia´s deeply emotional expression and her curageous way to cope with the situation. It is tough for us. But we decided not to be "gentle" in our performance. Instead, we wanted to open the event with disturbing sounds and spoken word exstracts from Yuliia´s diary, with a critical artistic reflection of imperialism. All days pass like minutes. For my friend, it is about getting over her pain and stress, while opening up to this totally new place. For me, it is about staying strong and speaking up, being loud, vehement and brave! Ukraine is the best home land that we could have, with bravest friends who stayed to fight their everyday life on fire by russia...

Thanks to all, who are engaged in organizing cultural events and humanitarian help. Now for Ukraine, before and afterwards maybe in other fields. Social justice is the responsibility of ALL of us. Big big hugs and thanks to all who came to listen to our female power yesterday and to Oleg Rostovtsev for these great pictures!

Love, Masha

EP Release


I want to comment on this EP where I collaborated with several artists, among them three artists from russia and one from kazakhstan. The war is unjust and shamefull. Not all musicians with whom I worked here, made a statement against the war. Unfortunatelly, this brings me big disappointment, because I wanted all my friends in russia to stand up and be brave - as brave as my friends in Ukraine who are under constant danger. Recent sociological results show that 71% of russian people do agree with the war by the russia. Since on this EP, also a kurdish violinist, a crimean tatar film maker, Indonesian film duo who produced the clip "Svet" and a dancer from Ukraine are featured, I understood it as an EP for peace which shows union rather than separation. By the end of the 37th day of war, I realize that for some of us it is an "I give a fuck on what´s going on"-EP. I took it out from streaming platforms.

I clearly want to value the work of all my feature guests who speak up and raise their artistic voice, and my own work. Buy it on Bandcamp. The money will be donated to opening an online cloud for the "evacuation" of music (digitalization) and video works of my brave friends and colleagues in Ukraine!!! With love, Masha

1. SVET - remix of Aigerim Duisenbekova and Petr Pazyna
Aidar Gainullin – double bass
2. КОRA ft. Al Kozlov and Julie Shamaani
Eike Ernst – frame drum
3. ZDES - remix of Aigerim Duisenbekova and Sergei Volokitkin ft. Derin Gardi Shwani



soli sampler


Yes yes yes, all FLINTA* musicians get united for the empowerment of the music scene in Hanover! For Nustoriya, the project with Desislava Markova, we´re going public with our first single - 'Feel The Rain'. We are working on our sound and on our first album which will hopefully be released on vinyl in autumn. For now, check Nustoriya on Instagram and click below to go to the soli sampler. hugzzz. masha & desi

Check the bandcamp and all people included HERE.

QENEM _ masha kashyna _ photo by zuleikh

PODCAST with QENEM network


I am happy to spread this podcast which I recently recorded for the QENEM-network, which is based in Hanover. I am happy to be part of this working group which engages in empowering queer and feministic electronic DJs and producers. So, here we go with one hour of jammed and quite rough material from the studio where I mix passages of sound scapes, recent jams and already produced tracks. The last one is a conversation with my grandpa Anatoliy. Rest in peace. masha

With the translation of the poem by Anna Yeghoyan - "My spirit is free" - 5:00 min.

With Al Kozlov & Julie Shamaani - KORA - 25:25 min.

With Desislava Markova & Derin Gardi Shwami - Mariviol - 41.14 min.

Photo by Zuleikha Murtazaieva.

Go to the PODCAST.

Go to QENEM's Instagram.


Video Release
"Svet" of Aigerim Duisenbekova and Petr Pazyna ft. KL.DR. (video)



Listen, I am quite happy to announce this video release in collaboration with the video maker Vint from Indonesia who is part of the KL.DR. collective (Kilau Luminasi Derau Rerinai aka Shine of Lumination & a Noise of Raindrops). Again, I was very lucky to remix a song "Svet" by Aika Duisenbekova and Petr Pazyna whom I got to know during the I.M.I. residency in August 2019 in Chekhov, Russia. We had quite a nice time together and I am a big fan of those two. So, check their sites and projects.


Besides, this track is part of my next EP which will come out very soon! I am now going Two more musicians will be featured in the other track - Al Kozlov and Julie Shamaani. All together, it will be a tribute to the new global music world who is unseparable through borders or pandemics. We continued our work and found new ways to collaborate through the internet, which I find, should be acknowledged! Many places, many countries and besides all that we recycle some old material and dig through archives to find what we look for!

Aika Duisenbekova: / @oh.aika

Petr Pazyna: / @petr.pazyna



Single and Video Release
"Cherry Garden" ft. KL.DR. (video)



In the cherry garden, a nightingale twittered songs. From generation to generation a lot of things have changed – family members migrated, with a small package of family history and memories of the cherry garden. An obvious clash of culture or just a normal continuation of traditions? This well known Ukrainian folk song is accompanied by the art work of Cars10 and by a video produced by two video artists from Indonesia – KL.DR. (Kilau Luminasi Derau Rerinai aka Shine of Lumination & a Noise of Raindrops). They digged deep into movie archives and historic footage from around the world. It is the first result of an online collab across thousands of kilometers. To you I send my thanx and props, guys!

Check it out here!


Released with Nima Compositions Archive.

"Здесь" / "Zdes"


Another collabo is done! This time over Covid-Time and over borders through the Internet, when everything was closed and everyone was supposed to stay home. Well, yes ... most work was done from home. Aika Duisenbekova (Almaty, Kazakhstan) sent me some row material of a new song which she recorded with Sergei Volokitkin (Maikop, Russia) and I made a remix version out of it. Derin Gardi Shwani, an amazing Kurdish violin player with whom I worked a lot, droped few violine lines which make people cry! During my last travel to Ukraine last year, I finally connected with Zuleikha Murtazaieva (a film maker from Kyiv) and Viktoriya Skrypnyk (a dancer from ivano-Frankivsk). We went to the lake and some other spots which looked so melancholic during that grey rainy day of September. It took time to finalize, but it is just a great feature experience of current times where you can work with people from very far away and celebrate final results in this way. Thanx to all. You are amazing!

Check them out on Insta: @viktoriya_skrypnyk_ @derin_gardi_shwany @ahkieluz @oh.aika @b_tidess and don´t forget to subsribe and leave a comment below, a short impression so that I know you were there. Hugzzz! masha

#здесь #видеоклип #ремикс #відео #здесь #ремікс #танець #контемпорари #новийкліп #іванофранківськ #globalbeat #artistswithoutborders #fusion #videoclip #releasingsoon #contemporarydance #fragmented








Coinzzz ft. Julie Shamaani


Let us drop a long track, one of my very first instrumentals which actually was never planed to become a "song" sang by a real singer. But when I shared this track with Yulia Mityashova during our stay in the IMI.residency, she immediately found words and melody. Since she is from Russia and I am from Ukraine, both of us started to reflect the history of women in Soviet and Post-Soviet times. The feminist perspective is indeed a different one than I know it from Germany. Personal stories of working migration in sake of the wholy family till general social structures based led by the patriarchat were our common topics. Join our Watch Party on Sunday, 17 h.

It is not a real story, but as so many other songs – it could be just another „I will survive“ song, with a post-soviet touch. It starts with vibrating coinzzz while the plates are trembling. It continues with a state of confusion and disharmony. It leads through painfull experience of loneliness, dark times and revenche thoughts. Is it time to pay back? For what and to whom!? It is the time to grow and let the history behind. Your history is in my hands, I keep it as a life lesson and forward it to all the future generations who shall not fall in those traps of the past.

vocals: Julie Shamaani (Moscow, Russia)

french horn, choir, trumpet: Camilla Löffler-Berg (Hildesheim/Stuttgart, Germany)
piano: Stefan Littmann (Hannover, Germany)
sample inspiration: young.vishnu (Hildesheim, Germany)
graphic design: Cars10 (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

"Cherish My Soul" ft. J. Sophia Sanner (art work)