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OK or not OK -

documented daily routine on OkCupid

Please mind while watching:These are our personal experiences which should not lead to generalizations. This movie is no budget movie, that's why we need to use a password cause of song copyright and a free screen recording software which makes question marks on the screen. We are happy to share it with you! Love be with you!

handan & masha

Mr. Moradi's instruments

An Afghan instrument maker Sabour Moradi comes to Germany to build Setars, Tampurs and Dutars. All instruments which are in today's Afghanistan one symbol of cultural identification. To see it in the musical context - we can ask how much these instruments requested in Germany? Or where to get the materials like to mulberry wood or camel bones from? If you add the socio-political level to his story, you can ask why was Mr. Moradi in need to move with his family and his profession and skills from Afghanistan to Germany? The Taliban incursions catered for the destruction of what we call "culture" of some people. A conrete example is a destroyed instrument maker shop of Mr. Moradi. From Kabul to Hildesheim 5928 km air line are quite far and also the instruments and music played on them change the context.

It was an important experience to follow "an artist in risk" with the camera. Not only the building process of a music instrument was a WOW, but also to think about how can global responsibility look like? Do safer countries like Germany, France or Sweden need to take responsibility of at least offering all people "in risk" which stay in an insecure region in war, terror or any kind of crisis?

Thanx to my luvly collegues at the Center for World Music for the way how you teach me thinking.

Read more HERE.



This film documents the music project #Haymatsounds, which took place at the Leonore-Goldschmidt-School in Hanover, starting in august until november ´19. It was a composition project by and with Aurelia Lampasiak and a group of young people who were working with poems of Bahati, Ethem Çay, Sanna Hübsch, Semra Ertan & Tamer Düzyol! The book of poems HAYMATLOS, published by Düzyol & Taudy Pathmanathan with edition assemblage.

These collective and experimental compositions were performed on 25th of November, ´19 in a scenic concert at Pavillon Hanover. Composing and performing were students from 11th grade, the working processes were faciliated by Aurelia Lampasiak (violin), Hesam Asadi (Kamantsche, Daf), Matthias Meyer (elektronic composition), Marlene-Sophie Haagen (scenic work), Felix Porth (scenography). Nele Tast and me documented the project which won the price of musical mediation in Lower Saxony.
Congrats to Aurelia for the wonderfull project!


Un Chien Andalou

(1928) -
a silent movie by Luis Buñuel

with new sound


This clip is the result of the film music seminar that I took at Bilgi Üniversitesi Istanbul. For sure, you may know the original which is a black-white-silent movie by Luis Buñuel. The challenge this time was in creating a "reality" with sounds like doors, cars, steps. It means that every single step was underlined with a sample of moving feet. It took me days, although people who watch this movie, don´t even notice that this time those "real" sounds are completing the movie. The first video cameras did NOT record the sound, like they do today. So, film makers left the sound out and added some music instead.

sound track - OddHop Trip #1 by CITO KALING

with love,




Welcome Board Ensemble

february '17


We were asked to document the Welcome Board Ensemble - a really nice innitiative for musicians who arrived in and around Hannover with the refugee-status. The offer a network and institutional protection of "Musikland Niedersachsen" attracted a lot of great musicians from all over the worlds, but especially from those countries under "destruction" - war regions. We enjoyed to catch their rehearsals and the concert at Pavillon Hannover. Thanx for asking us to document the project! m.

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