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Born in the first post-soviet days of Ukraine in January 1991, I - Mariya aka "Masha" Kashyna - grew up between caring hands of my mother, aunt, grandma and grandpa. Despite dark economic times for Ukrainian society, the grounded approach to life was the heritage that I got. After all, everyone was singing or playing music in my family to let the soul go high. And back then musical education and education in general was costing "coinz", but being worth everything.

Sooner or later though, my mother and I stranded in an avarage German city called Hanover. Now half of my life I am running a double existance between Germany and Ukraine. This "mixed identity" usually finds ways into my projects. The migrant teen in me always reminds me to stay on the side of minorities and those who don´t have voice or energy to oppose against disbalances. Even if I try not to be political artist, I am a political identity.

During the period of studies between 2012 and now, I went through "bohemian middle-upper class university" :D :X structures at the University of Hildesheim (GER) and Bilgi University of Istanbul (TUR). It took time to go through domains of cultural science and politics, (ethno)musicology, composition, production, media science and production. I hope to stay student for the rest of my life.

My approach to life and to arts is multi-lingual and multi -disciplinary. For this reason, you will find my page being splitted in three areas.

music in progress is the reservoir of my musical solo and feature projects. There you will find my music and gig dates.

media in progress is ment to introduce you to mediacy projects of any kind: media literacy, sound art and  intercultural reflection workshops that I here and there do in different contexts with people aged from 0-100. As well you will find here a collection of analogue photographies and other documentary projects that I managed to shoot throughout the last decade.

maidan in progress is a long-term documentary project dealing with the transformation of Ukrainian society after the revolution in 2013/14. Here you will find links to interviews in visual and transcribed and translated form. We also keep you updated about screenings and progresses of this work.

Go ahead!

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